The servicing of Equipment at BSM Technics means your equipment is inspected for efficiency and reliability. 

Several service checks or inspections are carried out in order to prevent costly breakdowns or unsafe conditions. Equipment Servicing is one of the most important parts of a Preventive Maintenance programme. This helps to "catch" potential problems before they affect the operation of any equipment thereby reducing equipment down time which leads to slow production and eventually possible losses.

What you need to know about Equipment Servicing with BSM Technics.

Periodic Equipment Service

As BSM Technics, we encourage our valued customers to sign up for periodic Equipment Service Contracts. This way they know that their equipment is regularly inspected for any potential faults. 

Bulk Equipment Servicing

As BSM Technics we can carry our bulk equipment servicing. We do have experience of service contracts with upto 450 units serviced in a single service visit. The period of the visit will be discussed with each individual customer to suit their particular needs. Good News! Customers do not need to close any department to allow equipment service/maintenance as we are able to work around you since most of your equipment can be serviced while in use apart from very few unlikely circumstances.

Service Contracts

We use bespoke service contracts properly negotiated with our customers depending on their particular needs and circumstances. Some customers choose not to have service contracts and call us for service as and when they need their equipment to be serviced.

Service & Calibration

Some customers prefer to do these two at the same time but a service and a calibration can be ordered separately.

What comes with equipment service?

  • Detailed Service Report

  • Service sticker affixed to the unit

  • Technical advice.

  • After service repairs (an extra cost as per customer request)

  • After service calibration (as per customer request) if the visit is not Service & Calibration. 

Please Contact us for information on Service Contracts or click the Contact Us link or button below