Our Services at BSM Technics

BSM Technics is a Medical and Laboratory Equipment Maintenance service provider. At BSM Technics  we make sure that our customers enjoy the use of efficiently working equipment which can be used for longer time  frames. Equipment user safety, efficiency and compliance with the reduction of the overall maintenance costs are at the centre of our daily activities. Please navigate through the following service and contact us.


The servicing of Equipment at BSM Technics means your equipment is inspected for efficiency and reliability. 

Several service checks or inspections are carried out in order to prevent costly breakdowns or unsafe conditions. Equipment Servicing is one of the most important parts of a Preventive Maintenance programme.



Calibration, put in simple terms, is comparing a parameter on a unit under test (UUT) to  a reference standard and known value.  This is done mainly to determine the accuracy of the unit under test and to ensure that it actually works as intended.

Our customers can choose to have their calibrations done periodically , (say, once every 3 months, 6 months or on a yearly basis), or a calibration can be booked  as and when the customer needs it. 



There is a general belief that Equipment Electrical Safety Testing ends with PAT Testing. However it is of paramount importance to note that Medical Equipment is more rigorously tested than general electrical equipment due to factors to do with patient safety.





With our PAT Testing your electrical appliances are checked for electrical safety. Our PAT Testing involves a visual inspection of the equipment and any flexible cables for good condition, and also where required, verification of earthing (grounding) continuity, and a test of the soundness of insulation between the current carrying parts, and any exposed metal that may be touched.



Equipment validation is a process by which  a set of  procedures are used to check if a product meets the specifications and requirements of its intended use and these procedures are properly put together in a document called the "Validation Protocol".

At BSM Technics we carry out an intense validation that will leave our customers confident with their equipment knowing that they have documented evidence of their fit for purpose. 



The main purpose of Temperature Mapping is  to determine whether a  storage area, facility or equipment can maintain a set temperature within specific limits uniformly across its entire volume. Typical storage units being  Fridges, Freezers, Cold Rooms, Warehouses, Incubators e.t.c.). Temperature Sensors are normally distributed throughout the unit/room in pre-defined locations to ensure that the temperature of the entire storage area is monitored.


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Laboratory Equipment Commissioning is an essential part of  the  equipment procurement process that ensures equipment reliability, performance and  length of usage life. It requires an allocated budget, time, and trained personnel, and must be considered within the scope of the overall procurement program.

Commissioning of newly acquired equipment also helps to deal with faults and malfunctions that are not the responsibility of the customer but could be a factory or design error that has sneaked its way through design qualification and factory acceptance tests.


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At BSM Technics we understand the hassle behind dealing with broken down machinery for our customers. Malfunctioning, faulty or broken down equipment are the major causes of frustration for our valued customers as this slows down production, efficiency as well as as quality. Because of this, we take breakdowns and the restoration of your equipment to good working order very seriously.

The following is what you will need to know when your equipment breaks down and you need assistance. 



Sometimes companies find it easy to have experts deal with their Medical/Laboratory Asset Management so that they can concentrate on their core business in which they are experts. This normally removes the burden and hassle of making sure equipment reliability is followed up.

As BSM Technics, we have come up with a contract in which our customers can entrust their Equipment/Asset Management into our hands.


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The installation of any piece of equipment, no matter how simple, is the basic foundation for equipment reliability. New Equipment will need to be properly installed before any validation, commissioning, calibration or preventive maintenance is commenced.

As BSM Technics, we have the skills set to ensure that you lab equipment is properly installed.