PAT Testing

With our PAT Testing, your electrical appliances are tested for electrical safety. Our PAT Testing involves a visual inspection of the equipment and any flexible cables for good condition, and also where required, verification of earthing (grounding) continuity, and a test of the soundness of insulation between the current carrying parts, and any exposed metal that may be touched. The formal limits for pass/fail of these electrical tests vary somewhat depending on the category of equipment being tested.

At BSM Technics we can perform Portable Appliance Testing for our customers on various portable electrical equipment. The term 'Portable' as used in this context refers to any plugged electrical appliance regardless of how heavy it can be.

Our testing equipment is always in date in terms of calibration and we ensure that all your electrical appliances comply with safety regulations.

Purpose of PAT Testing

  • In the UK it is the requirement of the health and safety regulations that electrical appliances are tested on a regular basis to make sure they are safe and do not at all cause harm to users. A lot of electrical & electronic equipment manufacturers recommend testing at regular intervals to make sure that appliances are always safe.

  • Test intervals will depend on both the type of appliance and of cause, the environment in which it is to be used. 

  • At BSM Technics, we have the expertise to ensure your electrical appliances are properly tested and we do this at a very competent price.

What is included in PAT Testing

  • Visual inspection of the electrical appliance, the flexible cable as well as the plug. Any signs of damage or overheating will be identified. Plugs will be inspected, opened and any loose connections tightened.

  • Electrical Testing – Each electrical  appliance will be thoroughly tested for;

1. Earth Continuity (Class 1 appliance).

2. Insulation Resistance (Class 1 and 2 appliance).

  • Test Labels – A "Pass"or "Fail" label is then affixed  to the tested appliance depending on whether it has passed or failed.

  • Tested Equipment Record – Each tested appliance details will be recorded and the  records will be are kept in an electronic format (hard copy available upon request).


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