Temperature Mapping

The main purpose of Temperature Mapping is  to determine whether a  storage area, facility or equipment can maintain a set temperature within specific limits uniformly throughout the entire unit volume. Typical storage units being  Fridges, Freezers, Cold Rooms, Warehouses, Incubators e.t.c.). Temperature Sensors are normally distributed throughout the unit/room in pre-defined locations to ensure that the temperature of the entire storage area is monitored.

Customers can choose the type of mapping suitable for their specific applications i.e. empty mapping, loaded mapping, door open, power failure, etc. These tests are designed to create documented evidence that the unit controls within pre-defined parameters.

At BSM Technics  we are experienced in Temperature Mapping. We do carry out Temperature mapping on a lot of thermal product units  as  listed below;

  • Lab Fridges & Freezers

  • Lab Incubators

  • Ovens

  • Stability Cabinets

  • Storage  Units

  • Cold Rooms

  • Hot Rooms

  • Freezer Rooms

The period of Temperature Mapping depends on your specific requirements. Typically;

  • 16 minutes - Real-time monitoring

  • 30 Minutes - Real-time monitoring

  • 1 hr - Real-time monitoring

  • 24/48hrs - Loggers left in the unit for the entire mapping period.

What is involved with Temperature Mapping?

  • Temperature distribution and uniformity in the unit under test (UUT) will be monitored by the use of calibrated temperature sensors.

  • An electronic mapping certificate with all the relevant data will be issued. 

  • A mapping sticker will be affixed to the equipment showing the mapping date, due date, equipment ID as well as the Mapping Certificate Number for easy of reference.