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Electrical Safety Testing

There is a general belief that equipment Electrical Safety Testing ends with PAT Testing. However it is of paramount importance to note that Medical Equipment is more rigorously tested than general electrical equipment due to factors to do with patient safety.

Specialised equipment is used to carry out Medical Electrical Safety Tests. These tests are made to conform to  current test standards and Healthcare Institutions are ultimately responsible for implementing test programmes to ensure that they are compliant with the current regulations. Companies or organisations also need to comply with The Electricity at Work Regulations  as well as the Health and Safety at Work.

What is included in Medical Electrical Safety Testing?

  •  Protective Earth Continuity

  •  Insulation Resistance

  •  Earth Leakage Current

  •  Touch Current

  •  Patient Leakage Current

  •  Patient Auxiliary Current

At BSM Technics we do have the expertise and competence,  to carry out Safety Testing of your Medical Equipment.

What is included with your Medical Electrical Safety Testing?

  • All the tests mentioned above with results properly documented.

  • Test Certificates issued for each of the tested medical device.

  • Test stickers affixed to the tested equipment.

  • Minor repairs carried out at a reasonably low cost.


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