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Breakdowns & Repairs

At BSM Technics we understand the hassle behind dealing with broken down equipment for our customers. Malfunctioning, faulty or broken down equipment are the major causes of frustration for our valued customers as this slows down production, efficiency as well as quality. Because of this, we take breakdowns and the restoration of your equipment to good working order very seriously.

The following is what you will need to know when your equipment breaks down and you need assistance. 

Click the contact us button at the bottom of this page, on the menu or below the picture and sent us a quick message describing in detail the particular problem or issues you are having with your equipment.

Download the BREAKDOWN form and give as much information regarding the fault as possible. Sometimes, in the unlikely event that everyone seems busy and there is no response to your message, please dial 07861577995 .

An Engineer will be sent to you at our earliest possible opportunity and diagnose the fault. Many of the minor faults are normally resolved on a first call out. However, a number of major breakdowns will need the Engineer to diagnose the faulty, note the spare parts required as well as equipment required to complete the job (if extra equipment is needed). Our Office will then raise a quotation to complete the job and that will be sent to you via email. Ones the customer agrees with the quotation and they are willing to proceed with the repair, they will need to raise a purchase order which is confirmation that they are willing to have their equipment repaired as per the available quotation.

Spare Parts

Though spare parts can be costly, most of the breakdowns have proved to most likely need a part or parts replaced to restore functionality.

At BSM Technics, we carry out breakdown repairs on a range of equipment and the following are examples;

  • Fridges/Freezers

  • Incubators

  • Ovens

  • Stability Cabinets

  • Temperature Monitoring Systems.

  • Pumps 

  • Centrifuges

What is included with a breakdown repair?

  • After the repair, your equipment is thoroughly tested to ensure that its working perfectly fine.

  • The equipment is also tested for electrical safety after repair.

  • The equipment can also be calibrated, mapped, validated or recommissioned at an extra cost and also as requested by the customer.


In case of a breakdown please contact us  buy clicking the button