About BSM Technics

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BSM Technics Ltd is a Medical & Laboratory Equipment Maintenance and Asset Management company that was founded in September 2013. At BSM Technics we cover a wide range of mainly Laboratory Equipment as well as Safety Testing and Asset Management of both Medical & Laboratory Equipment. We are, as BSM Technics, a growing Engineering Company whose aim is to help Healthcare Institutions, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life Sciences, Higher Education as well as Science Research and Development firms to achieve their intended aims by supporting them with Equipment MaintenanceService, Calibrations, PPMs, Installations, Validations, Commissioning, Electrical Safety Testing and general equipment/asset management.

Our Customers

Our customers include but not limited to;

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing firms

  • Many major NHS & Private hospitals

  • Biotech Companies

  • Universities 

  • Life Sciences & Biomedical Research Institutions

  • Food & Drinks Manufacturing firms

  • Animal Health institutions

As BSM Technics, the quality of our work is unquestionable and we believe that honesty, diligence and attention to detail are key to achieving the best of results. We also believe that safety is key  and the quality of our tests always has the end user's safety in our minds.

Feel free to contact us using any of the Contact Us links on this website for more information regarding our services.


BSM Team

BSM Technics Logo_10.PNG
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